3D Sculptured Keys are a brand new collectible product that is both fun and functional.

Consisting of a standard house key blank and a three dimensional decorative metal key top, Creative Keys has transformed a once everyday household item into a truly collectible accessory.

The key tops are 3-Dimensional in shape and texture, and produced to the highest international quality standards. By using a variety of mold making, hand coloring, and metal plating techniques, our 3D keys are genuine collector’s items.

The key blades are made from high quality brass, ensuring easy cutting and are nickel plated, providing longer life.

Our key blades are also made to exact specifications, and by offering several types means our 3D Sculptured Keys are compatible with most commonly used key styles, and can be cut to suit your household lock.

3D Sculptured Keys are the perfect way to show off your sporting passions or to express your individual style, so look for them at your local key cutter, locksmith or shoe repairer, and selected hardware stores.

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